Tidbury Green Parish Council recently met with Solihull MBC, to discuss various issues of concern, including:-

  • Damaged & collapsed pavements
  • Pot Holes
  • Trip Hazards
  • Leaves built up, blocking drains etc.
  • Weed/grass growth and debris in the gutters
  • Overgrown hedges.

The Parish Council have agreed a reporting mechanism with Solihull MBC, whereby issues will be reported to them and updates will be provided by Solihull MBC in terms of progress made resolving the issues.

Solihull MBC have advised that they will work to achieve the best improvements that they can. However, we have to be mindful that they do have a limited budget to work with. Therefore we have to be realistic in terms of expectations of what can and can’t be delivered and what the priorities are.

Following our meeting it was good to see that Solihull MBC’s recently chosen environmental contract supplier Veolia’s, have had their Transformation Team out to deep-clean various locations in Solihull, including Tidbury Green.

They have been completing jobs such as cutting back overgrown vegetation, removing litter and clearing detritus from streets, parks and green spaces.

The team work alongside volunteers from the local community. Solihull MBC and the Parish Council wish to say a massive thank you to the team and all the volunteers who supported their clean-up efforts.