Wood Lane Allotments

About Us

The Tidbury Green Parish Council allotment site was inherited from Hockley Heath Parish Council. It is situated in Wood Lane, Earlswood opposite the Craft Centre and consists of approximately four acres of land.

The Association has a Committee of 6 members which meets on an ad hoc basis and is responsible for the day to day running of the organisation. An Annual General Meeting is held each year in January/February.

The costs for the operation and maintenance of the allotment site are met from charges made on each plot holder supplemented by additional funds raised by the Association through various fund raising events including a quiz night and annual vegetable show. Unfortunately due to the Covid pandemic, a number of events had to be camcelled, resulting in reduced revenues.

Consequently in May 2021 the Tidbury Green Allotment Association, had to agree to increase the allotment plot fee’s from January 2022.

The charges currently levied on plot holders consist of an initial one off returnable deposit of £10, plus and annual half plot rent of £25. In addition, £5 p.a. is charged to each member as an Association membership fee. The rent is £15 for plot holders over the age of 60 years.

Revised Fee’s as of January 2022 will be as follows:-

Bee Keeping: – £15 per annum

Allotment plots
For members at State pension age and above: – £25 per plot
For members up to the state pension age: – £35 per plot
The joining fee win be increased from £1 to £5.
The deposit will be increased from £10 to £20,

The Association is affiliated to the National Society of Allotment and Leisure Gardeners and holds an insurance policy as recommended by the NSALG.

Enquiries through the Association Secretary – Nigel Davies tel:07831313012 or via the Allotment Association contact form.

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