West Midlands Police provided the following information on 7th November 2019:-

In recent days we have seen a shift in times when residential burglaries have been reported in Solihull. The key times have been between 4pm and 7pm. Homes have been unoccupied and in darkness as this is a time when homeowners have not returned from work or are out and about busy with family.
We saw a similar pattern this time last year and although burglary numbers in Solihull are down by around 20% for the same period this year we are mindful that the darker nights present more opportunities for burglars.
Using a light timer or a Fake TV is a great way to light up your home when you are out. We recommend setting a light to come on at around 3.30pm as it is dark indoors by late afternoon.
Our officers are out on active patrols speaking to residents about darker nights crime prevention and if you need more advice on home security you can visit our virtual reality home 27 Station Road on WMP online.