Flood mitigation schemes update

Solihull MBC have provided the following information:-

Following recent announcements regarding the flood protection schemes within the borough, we have been made aware that some companies are taking this opportunity to reach out to residents offering products and services. Please be advised that these companies are not acting on behalf of Solihull MBC and may charge residents for this service.

Residents are advised that the information on the council led schemes will always come from the Solihull MBC drainage team and on council branded materials. Should you have any queries or concerns in this regard please reach out to the council directly on drainage@solihull.gov.uk

Flooding – Solihull Council gives the go ahead to start flood mitigation schemes in Solihull.

Solihull MBC provided the information below on 2nd September 2020

Councillor Ken Hawkins, Cabinet Member for Environment and Highways has now signed off on a series of flood mitigation schemes which will help over 100 properties in the borough.

These schemes will see residents being offered the opportunity to introduce Property Level Resilience and Resistance (PLR) measures, essentially practical support, to make their homes safer.

Those residents who are included will be contacted and asked to complete an online questionnaire to scope out their requirements and to arrange individual property surveys.

Flood risk specialists, appointed by the Council will be contacting these residents directly to undertake the surveys in accordance with Covid-19 guidelines.

The Council will continue to look at securing further funding so more schemes can be rolled out to other areas that are at risk of flooding.

For more information about the Flood Mitigation Schemes please contact the Council’s Drainage and Flood Risk Management Team, drainage@solihull.gov.uk

Flooding – Solihull homes to be better protected from flooding thanks to Environment Agency funding

Solihull MBC provided the update below on 28th August 2020

Solihull Council has been granted £440k worth of Flood Defence Grant in Aid (FDGiA) funding by the Environment Agency to use for flood mitigation schemes at four locations within the borough.

Alongside the Environment Agency funding there is a commitment of £431k from the Trent Regional Flood and Coastal Committee, which means the council has now secured over £800k of external funding for these potential schemes.

In the wake of terrible flooding in 2018 the Council pledged to investigate what could be done to protect people’s homes from such flooding in the future.  Officers explored options for mitigation schemes as well as bidding for the relevant funding to deliver them.

A mitigation scheme can be only be delivered when there is FDGiA funding in place, supplemented by Local Levy and partnership funding, and after a business case is submitted to the Environment Agency and given technical approval.

In July 2020, bids for Local Levy funding were approved by the Trent Regional Flood and Coastal Committee and the relevant business cases were submitted to the Environment Agency for final approval, granted on the 26 August.

Flooding – CPH Environment & Highways Decision Session – Flood risk management – 1st September 2020

Please see the information below, received from Solihull MBC:-

At CPH Environment & Highways Decision Session on 1 September Councillor Ken Hawkins, Cabinet Member for Environment and Highways, will be considering a report that looks at protecting people’s homes from future flooding by introducing a series of flood mitigation schemes.

In May 2018 flooding in the borough saw over 300 properties badly affected and major disruption to the local road network. Following this incident Solihull Council pledged to look at any measures that could reduce the risk and impact of flooding.

In January 2019 officers carried out an initial assessment, engaging with residents who had been affected by flooding to look at various options and how this work could be funded. A subsequent report outlined the potential mitigation measures which could be implemented and the costs.

As a result of these investigations and securing some of the funding, proposals for four mitigation schemes in Blythe and Shirley West will now be discussed at Councillor Hawkins’ decision making session.

The full report can be viewed on our website here.

Solihull MBC – Flood (May 2018) Update – July 2019

May 2018 – Flooding Update

The following update has been received from Solihull MBC:-

A few weeks ago we experienced some higher than average amounts of rainfall across the area, although thankfully nowhere near like the volume we had in May 2018.


As you may remember, in January of this year we published our report into last year’s flooding. As part of our action plan we gave a commitment to look at what may be possible to help reduce the risk from future flooding.


We commissioned various pieces of modelling and survey work, which have been completed. These pieces of work are now being used as part of an initial economic and technical assessment that we are undertaking with the Environment Agency. We will look at various options and ideas, including those that were suggested to us when we met residents immediately after the flood event or later at one of our drop-in sessions.


This initial assessment is an important step and will help us determine what options may reduce the risk of flooding across the area. It will also help us understand which options add up in terms of the amount of money that would have to be spent to help defend against future flooding (the cost), versus the amount of money that would be saved from any future damages to properties (the benefit), should flooding occur again.


Please be assured that we are working as quickly as we can through the process, with the aim of giving any future scheme the best possible opportunity to succeed.

Solihull SMBC Flood update – 23 January 2019 – SMBC Flooding Investigation Findings Report Published

Flood update – 23 January 2019


As someone affected by last May’s flash flooding we wanted to share the findings of our statutory investigation into the incident.

Acting as the Lead Local Flood Authority (LLFA) for Solihull, we have completed our investigation into the unprecedented flooding on 27 May 2018 and have now published our findings, as required under the Flood and Water Management Act 2010.

We have investigated each of the affected areas to identify the causes and mechanisms of the flooding. This investigatory work has involved detailed condition surveys of watercourses, culverts and highway drainage systems. We would like to thank all those who have worked with us to share their first-hand experiences of the flooding. This information has been fed back to help build a more informed picture of what happened in May.

We are currently exploring what action it may be possible to take to mitigate against such an event in the future. Some of these options are detailed in our action plan. We will now need to see what funding can be secured, as well as consider the potential benefits of any proposed flood reduction schemes.

You can view the report in full here:

If you need to get in touch then please email drainage@solihull.gov.uk

Solihull MBC Latest Flood update – Invite to Drop-in Event on Monday 19 November

Solihull MBC Flood update – 7 November

As someone affected by last May’s flood we want to invite you to a drop-in event on Monday 19 November, between 6pm and 8pm.

Please come to the main hall at Tidbury Green School, Dickens Heath Road, Dickens Heath, Solihull, B90 1QW.

The aim of the drop-in event is to inform you face to face of our interim findings. We are also hoping other agencies involved in May’s flood, such as Severn Trent, will be in attendance.

No need to book a slot, officers will be on hand to speak to you on a 1:1 basis, so please come at a time convenient to you.

The drop-in event will also allow us to check our knowledge and understanding of the flood event before we formally publish our report in the New Year.

If you need to get in touch then please email drainage@solihull.gov.uk

Solihull SMBC Flood update – 15 August

Solihull SMBC Flood update – 15 August

Thank you to those residents who have been in touch with us since our last update. The further photographs, videos and information that we have received have been extremely useful.

In the past month, we have continued carrying out our investigations into the flood event in the Norton Lane, Fulford Hall Road and Rumbush Lane areas as follows:

  • We have inspected the highway drainage system in Fulford Hall Road and Rumbush Lane and updated our asset maps. Generally, the systems on both roads are in good condition but we are in the process of scheduling repairs to a few minor defects that we have found to ensure that the assets remain fit for purpose over the coming years.
  • As a result of our inspections we have been in touch with our colleagues at Severn Trent Water to ensure that their assets are inspected along Fulford Hall Road and Norton Lane.
  • We have completed the process of formally inspecting the various watercourses in the area and we should receive the results in the next week or so. As we previously stated, the results of the inspections will be shared with the relevant landowners, who will be asked to undertake any necessary works.
  • The detailed modelling work that we have commissioned is progressing well but more detailed measurements are required in some areas for us to accurately carry out the work. We will be contacting relevant landowners to arrange access where necessary.
  • We are currently inspecting the ditches on Fulford Hall Road and Rumbush Lane, mapping where they run and assessing what condition they are in. Where necessary we will be contacting the relevant landowners to arrange for works to be undertaken.

We will continue to update you when we have any new information, but in the meantime, if you do need to get in touch then please email drainage@solihull.gov.uk

Flooding Update

Flooding Update

As requested at the meeting of Interested Parishioners, which took place on the 24 June 2018 the Parish Council shared the report produced by the Parish Council, which was based on the experiences and views of those Parishioners who were affected by the flooding on the 27 may 2018, with Nick page, CEO SMBC.

The Parish Council also requested Nick Page meet with with interested Parishioner to address their points and concerns detailed within the report.

Nick Page advised that he would meet with the Parish Council to discuss the matter.

On 12 July 2018, the Parish Council Clerk, Charlotte Kirby, The Parish Council Chairman, Cllr.Thomas, Cllr.Reohorn and Alison Gorman met with Nick Page, Deborah Merry and Ann Brereton of SMBC, to discuss all the key points included in the report.

During the meeting SMBC advised that:-

  • They are prioritising clearing any blocked drains.
  • They have commissioned work to be undertaken by RAB Consultants. This involves them walking and carrying out formal inspections of key ordinary watercourses in the affected areas, totalling approximately 10km in length.
  •  SMBC are completing various work to gather all available evidence to enable them to build up a complete picture of what occurred and potential factors that had an impact.
  • SMBC have also commissioned some modelling works to be completed.
  • Once all the investigations, research and evidence gathering has been completed, SMBC will produce a report of findings.  The initial findings are expected in October. These will be submitted to scrutiny board and the cabinet.


At the end of the meeting the Parish Council asked if Nick Page would attend a meeting with Interested Parishioners. Nick Page advised that he would consider the request. No response has yet been received.