Solihull Local Plan Review

Solihull Local Plan Inspectors held an additional hearing session on 8 July 2022, to discuss Matter 12 (Housing land supply).The focus was on the additional information provided by Solihull MBC, to the Inspectors, in response to the action points that they raised in February 2022, I.e. how it believes it could provide for an additional year’s housing supply if the plan period was extended to 2037 and the additional information provided in relation to the NEC site.

Following the hearing sessions Solihull MBC received a letter from the Inspectors. The Inspectors advised that they agreed that the Council’s identified housing requirements are appropriate and have accepted the Councils approach to support the unmet housing needs from the wider housing market area. In doing so, it means the Council has passed the planning test known as the ‘Duty to Cooperate’ with neighbouring Councils.

In terms of housing capacity at the NEC proposed site, and whether the Council could rely on it to be delivered during the Plan period, whilst the principle of the development is supported, the Inspectors have indicated that the capacity should be reduced to 500 homes for the Plan purposes. This revised number is significantly less than that proposed by Solihull MBC.

The Inspectors had advised Solihull MBC to consider the points raised and identify how it wishes to proceed.  Any main modifications to the Plan will be reviewed by members and will be subject to public consultation giving everyone the opportunity to comment on any changes to the plan.

For further information please see Solihull MBC’s released update