Fulford Green Development Proposal & Solihull Local Plan Review – Update 27th September 2021

Summix FHS Developments LLP (Summix) has been promoting land for development to the South of Tidbury Green, referred to as Fulford Green: A new Garden Village for Solihull. Their proposal is to develop approx. 1800 homes, a high street, with shops and cafes and also a zero-carbon school.

At the Parish Council Meeting, which was held on Wednesday 15th September, the Parish Council Unanimously agreed that they object to the Fulford Green development proposal.

As previously reported “The site at this time is NOT included in the Draft Solihull Local plan”. However, Summix have made representations on the local plan via their agents to make the case that the plan is not sound as it does not include sufficient land for new housing and that the site at Fulford Green should be included.

Following The Draft Solihull Local Plan being submitted to the Secretary of State, it has now been submitted for independent examination – see Solihull Local Plan – Examination in Public.

The hearings in relation to the examination take place between 27th Sept and 9th Dec 2021.

During the hearings the overall housing requirement will be debated, to establish if the Draft Plan includes sufficient housing numbers to meet housing need in Solihull, which includes numbers required as part of their “duty to Cooperate” commitment, which involves contributing to housing number shortfalls where required, to neighbouring areas, including Birmingham.

Based on available information and intelligence, it appears that housing need numbers in some neighbourhood areas including Birmingham, are higher than originally anticipated. Consequently each Neighbouring area may have to make a contribution to deal with the shortfall.

If as anticipated the Inspectors conclude that further homes are required, the likelihood is that various landowners/ developers including Summix will put their sites and proposals forward to Solihull MBC, for them to consider if they should be included in the Local Plan.

Further details about the Examination in Public can be found on the dedicated webpages on the Council website at www.solihull.gov.uk/eip.

The following information was received from Solihull MBC on the 23rd September 2021

A revised timetable has been issued by the Planning Inspectors and can be found on the EiP Council webpages here.

Please be aware you cannot attend the EiP in person unless you have been invited by the Planning Inspectors to participate in the hearings because you made written representations to the Regulation 19 consultation that took place from October to December 2020.

Also because of COVID concerns, there is no capacity for people to attend to observe the proceedings.

However, they will be broadcast live and you will be able to view sessions in the video library at your convenience.  Please follow this link here.

 You can read more here.


Say Goodbye to such tranquility in Tidbury Green UNLESS …..



What do we love about living here, our parish?  Maybe it is the environment, the natural spaces within easy reach of our front doors. It could be the character of the buildings. It may be the community feeling and spirit we share and enjoy. The reality is that it is likely to be a combination of all these parish benefits that made us wish to live here.

However, change is on the way and not a change for the better. The fact is that if we love living around here, we all need to act to preserve our parish – individually and collectively.

You have the right and the power to stand up for what you want and the information and links on this website will help you.

The Threat is:

Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council needs to allocate sufficient land for at least 6,522 net additional homes to ensure sufficient housing land supply to deliver 15,029 additional homes in the period 2014 – 2033.

Site 4 Land west of Dickens Heath

See link below:-


Residents of Tidbury Green, you need to object to this proposal in the Green Belt for the following reasons:-

1. Green Belt – Residents wish to preserve the green belt as much as possible to prevent merging with neighbouring settlements including Tidbury Green, Wythall, Cheswick Green, Tamworth In Arden, Blythe Valley.
2. Loss of woodland and trees – how do you feel about the adverse effect on the local wildlife sites and loss of playing fields and damage to the environment that will impact on your family, their children and future generations?
3. Traffic and congestion – everyone, be they a pedestrian, cyclist or just pulling a car out of a driveway, knows how dangerous things are becoming. Existing concerns about traffic and congestion will significantly worsen as a result of any further development. The entire road network around Dickens Heath, Tidbury Green, Chiswick Green, Hockley Heath & Tamworth in Arden is in a very poor state, not only in terms of road surface but also road safety for pedestrians and cyclists. Tidbury Green residents using Dickens Heath shops and facilities know that the parking is already inadequate and this is without further development. More importantly, there appears to be no way to improve the parking situation in the village, making the new development proposals unsustainable because they are too far away for walking to the facilities in the village centre and would therefore increase car usage, resulting in further pressure on parking and further gridlock. This is the thin edge of the wedge before these roads become arterial! Can you imagine the noise? You would wave goodbye to tranquillity.
4. There are also concerns about school places and the ability of the current medical services to support the additional burden. Tidbury Green School would have to be extended further.
5. The impact of the development would mean certain businesses closing down – you may not have enjoyed the fun of eating or visiting Akamba, but it has played an important role as a key local employer and facility.
6. Site selection should see new housing fairly distributed across the Borough, to include extending existing urban areas to defendable boundaries while avoiding coalescence between rural villages. A case in point is the concern over a disproportionate number of homes being proposed in the Blythe area.

In summary, there are no exceptional circumstances for changing the boundary to allow 700 new houses on the land proposed on Site 4 west of Dickens Heath.


You can write to the address below but the preferred method for response is to use the online portal (click to access the portal – you will need to register). Responses may also be emailed to psp@solihull.gov.uk or sent by post to:

Policy and Spatial Planning
Solihull MBC
Council House
Manor Square
B91 3QB


Responses MUST be received by midnight on Friday 17 February 2017.

SMBC Publish Draft Local Plan Report – Consultation Commences

During November 2016, SMBC published their Draft Local Plan report and proposals for releasing particular sites for either housing or employment development. These were submitted to Cabinet, who approved the Draft Local Plan Consultation, which will run from 5 December 2016 to 30 January 2017. Whilst current proposals protect Tidbury Green from further major housing development there are a number of sites proposed in nearby surrounding areas, which will inevitably have an impact on the transport network and other resources

Further details and associated documents including the Draft Local Plan Report, the consultaion document, detailing how to share your views can be viewed on the SMBC Website.

Update From Borough Councillor Ken Hawkins – October 2016

At the October 2016 Parish Council meeting Borough Councillor Ken Hawkins provided an update on the Solihull Local Plan. Solihull MBC will finalise and submit their preferred options report to Cabinet in November 2016. This will include findings of the Green Belt Review. If necessary this will be refined, with the aim of it being ready for Public Examination in early 2017. Solihull MBC plan to have the revised Solihull Local Plan adopted by October/ November 2017.

Borough Councillor Ken Hawkins estimated that during the period covered by the revised Local Plan, Solihull have to accommodate land for an additional 8.0k homes, of which 2.5k are likely to be built in the Blythe area.

High Court Judgement Made – Appeal Succeeds

The judgement to the High Court appeal, was made public on the 1st May 2014. The appeal succeeded on 2 of the 3 grounds raised against Solihull MBC, which relate the housing need figures used in developing the plan and its method used to assess revisions to the green belt boundary (Lowbrook Farm and Tidbury Green farm)

This meant that SMBC had to reconsider its housing needs and the method it used to assess revisions to the greenbelt boundary. Consequently SMBC had to make changes to their Local Plan which included deleting the paragraph relating to the two sites in Tidbury Green that were to have been returned to the Green Belt.

SMBC Consultation into the Solihull Local Plan Review scope, issues and options

SMBC advised that they had published the Solihull Local Plan Review scope, issues and options document for consultation. The review will set out the future spatial strategy for the borough and update the policies and proposals up to 2033. This will include the allocation of sites to promote development and flexible use of land and the bringing forward of new land for development where necessary. The consultation end date is the 22nd January 2016. The Parish Council considered participation in this consultation imperative, from both the perspective of the Parish Council and parishioners, as the outcome of the review could have a significant impact for Tidbury Green.

The Parish Council proided a newsletter  informing Parishioners of the consultation and urging them to respond, using the provided questionnaire obtainable from the website or by contacting SMBC.

Tidbury Green Parish Council’s completed questionairre  and Supporting letter sent in response to the consultaion can be found Here. Documents referred and enclosed with Tidbury Green Parish Council’s response are included below within the related documents section of this page.