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Fulford Green Proposal

During early December 2023, Tidbury Green Parish Council were approached by Summix FHS Developments LLP (Summix) who in previous years had promoted land for development to the South of Tidbury Green, referred to as Fulford Green. Their proposal at the time was to create a sustainable garden village with approximately 1,800 homes, a new high street, a primary school and new public parkland. At the time Tidbury Green Parish Council strongly objected to the proposal.

Summix, advised that during 2023, that they as landowners, were approached by SMBC to consider providing the land required to enable a local flood alleviation scheme along Norton Lane to be delivered.
Additionally, Summix held discussions with SMBC’s Highways Team as to how it may be able to assist in improving traffic safety in the area.

Consequently, they advised that they were looking at an enabling development to in their words, “help solve the flooding and road safety matters”.

Summix requested a meeting with Tidbury Green Parish Council to discuss plans for the flood alleviation scheme, highways improvements and to share details of what an enabling development could look like.

Tidbury Green Parish Council met (via Video conference) with representatives from Summix on 26th January 2024. The minutes of this meeting can be found below. Also details of the Summix proposal are included below.

Minutes of Meeting Between Summix & Tidbury Green Parish Council – 26th January 2024

Presentaion by Summix to Tidbury Green Parish Council – 26th January 2024