Knowle, Dorridge & Blythe Neighbourhood Police Team advised us of an incident recently where an elderly lady was called by someone pertaining to be from Barclays bank informing her that there had been a security breach of her account and that she needed to take her money out and transfer it to another account through the Post Office. The person appeared to know a lot about the ladies account even though she did not do any internet banking. Barclays were contacted and they stated that they had no knowledge of the call to the lady and it was certainly not from their Organisation. Unfortunately the lady lost a large sum of money. This highlights the importance of being vigilant when taking such calls and not divulging any information over the phone. The advice given is that if you receive such a call no matter how convincing they are or how much knowledge they have about you, you should ask for a call back later and then check with your bank yourself. Use a number you regularly use which is familiar to you to call them. However you are reminded not to discuss banking details over the phone from an incoming call that you are not expecting.

Our Local Neighbourhood Policing Team have brought the following magazine scam to our attention. The scam was reported to them by one of their coordinators.

The coordinator in question recently received a telephone call from a company called Sapphire Magazine (their telephone number was 08445 670 460), they said he/she had completed a telephone survey for them (I do not remember this). They said they would like to send them a trial magazine and a £20 petrol voucher.

If he/she liked the magazine they could subscribe for £79 a year, and the profits would go to a Cancer charity, all he/she had to do was give them a £1 for postage, this pound was to be paid by credit card.

The company were informed  that he/she was not comfortable with giving out their card number, so they said they could phone their customer services on 0843 507 0707.

The number was checked out to the above ‘company’ on the web, there are a lot of people who have been taken in by this, it appears that they take £79 out of your account, not £1, and there is no magazine, and you can not contact them again, or get your money back.

If you wish to check this out just ‘google’ Sapphire Magazine Scam.