Flooding Update

As requested at the meeting of Interested Parishioners, which took place on the 24 June 2018 the Parish Council shared the report produced by the Parish Council, which was based on the experiences and views of those Parishioners who were affected by the flooding on the 27 may 2018, with Nick page, CEO SMBC.

The Parish Council also requested Nick Page meet with with interested Parishioner to address their points and concerns detailed within the report.

Nick Page advised that he would meet with the Parish Council to discuss the matter.

On 12 July 2018, the Parish Council Clerk, Charlotte Kirby, The Parish Council Chairman, Cllr.Thomas, Cllr.Reohorn and Alison Gorman met with Nick Page, Deborah Merry and Ann Brereton of SMBC, to discuss all the key points included in the report.

During the meeting SMBC advised that:-

  • They are prioritising clearing any blocked drains.
  • They have commissioned work to be undertaken by RAB Consultants. This involves them walking and carrying out formal inspections of key ordinary watercourses in the affected areas, totalling approximately 10km in length.
  •  SMBC are completing various work to gather all available evidence to enable them to build up a complete picture of what occurred and potential factors that had an impact.
  • SMBC have also commissioned some modelling works to be completed.
  • Once all the investigations, research and evidence gathering has been completed, SMBC will produce a report of findings.  The initial findings are expected in October. These will be submitted to scrutiny board and the cabinet.


At the end of the meeting the Parish Council asked if Nick Page would attend a meeting with Interested Parishioners. Nick Page advised that he would consider the request. No response has yet been received.