Summix FHS Developments LLP (Summix) has been promoting land for development to the South of Tidbury Green, referred to as Fulford Green: A new Garden Village for Solihull. Their proposal is to develop approx. 1800 homes, a high street, with shops and cafes and also a zero-carbon school.

At the Parish Council Meeting, which was held on Wednesday 15th September, the Parish Council Unanimously agreed that they object to the Fulford Green development proposal.

As previously reported “The site at this time is NOT included in the Draft Solihull Local plan”. However, Summix have made representations on the local plan via their agents to make the case that the plan is not sound as it does not include sufficient land for new housing and that the site at Fulford Green should be included.

Following The Draft Solihull Local Plan being submitted to the Secretary of State, it has now been submitted for independent examination – see Solihull Local Plan – Examination in Public.

The hearings in relation to the examination take place between 27th Sept and 9th Dec 2021.

During the hearings the overall housing requirement will be debated, to establish if the Draft Plan includes sufficient housing numbers to meet housing need in Solihull, which includes numbers required as part of their “duty to Cooperate” commitment, which involves contributing to housing number shortfalls where required, to neighbouring areas, including Birmingham.

Based on available information and intelligence, it appears that housing need numbers in some neighbourhood areas including Birmingham, are higher than originally anticipated. Consequently each Neighbouring area may have to make a contribution to deal with the shortfall.

If as anticipated the Inspectors conclude that further homes are required, the likelihood is that various landowners/ developers including Summix will put their sites and proposals forward to Solihull MBC, for them to consider if they should be included in the Local Plan.

Further details about the Examination in Public can be found on the dedicated webpages on the Council website at

The following information was received from Solihull MBC on the 23rd September 2021

A revised timetable has been issued by the Planning Inspectors and can be found on the EiP Council webpages here.

Please be aware you cannot attend the EiP in person unless you have been invited by the Planning Inspectors to participate in the hearings because you made written representations to the Regulation 19 consultation that took place from October to December 2020.

Also because of COVID concerns, there is no capacity for people to attend to observe the proceedings.

However, they will be broadcast live and you will be able to view sessions in the video library at your convenience.  Please follow this link here.

 You can read more here.