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Gallagher Estates Development at Lowbrook Farm

During October 2012 Gallagher Estates submitted an outline planning application (Planning application number 2012/1627) to develop 200 homes at this site. Originally the Planning Application was refused. One of the key reasons for refusal was the Green Belt Status of the land at that time, as the then adopted Solihull Local Plan originally  included for the return of Lowbrook Farm and Tidbury Green Farm land to green belt status.

Gallagher Estates lodged an apeal against the decision. Appeal Reference APP/Q4625/A/13/2192128.

During early January 2014 a legal challenge was submitted to the High Court, by Gallagher Estates (Lowbrook Farm) and LionCourt Homes (Tidbury Green Farm).

The judgement to the High Court appeal, was made public on the 1st May 2014. The appeal succeeded on 2 of the 3 grounds raised against Solihull MBC, which relate the housing need figures used in developing the plan and its method used to assess revisions to the green belt boundary (Lowbrook Farm and Tidbury Green farm)

This meant that SMBC had to reconsider its housing needs and the method it used to assess revisions to the greenbelt boundary. Consequently SMBC had to make changes to their Local Plan which included deleting the paragraph relating to the two sites in Tidbury Green that were to have been returned to the Green Belt.

SMBC did appeal the High Court Decision on the Solihull Local Plan, however the appeal was dismissed.

After a number of appeal Inquiries/ Hearings into Gallagher’s appeal against the refusal of their outline planning application (Planning application number 2012/1627) to develop 200 homes at this sites, On the 8th March 2016 the Secretary of State’s made the decision to allow the appeal.

Gallagher’s have completed the necessary due-diligence requirements including the bat and ground surveys and it is now anticipated that Gallagher’s will look to sell the site to a developer, who will deliver the agreed development.


This page consolidates all the information relating to this development.

As the analysis, consultations and reviews of this development progress, the updates will be listed below, followed by planned events, formal notices and the public documents held by the parish council.

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