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The Management Of The Parish Council Finances

The finances are overseen by the Responsible Financial Officer who will ensure that the financial management complies with the financial regulations agreed by the council.  These regulations are based on model regulations from the National  Association of Local Councils. See associated document below.

Parish Council Objectives

Each year, usually during November/ December time the Parish Council identifies and agrees the objectives that it wishes deliver during the following financial year, for the benefit of the community.

Parish Council Budgets

Each year the Parish Council also develops and agrees its budget that is required to deliver desired outputs, some of which are linked to the objectives and/or statutory requirements. This budget is used to decide and agree the amount of Precept that the Parish Council will need to request.

Internal Audit of the Parish Council

On a regular basis throughout the year the Parish Council monitors its compliance against objectives, governance structures and other requirements that are prescribed by law.  Internal audit documents are not normally published but they may be published below at the discretion of the Parish Council.  This is in addition to the annual internal report that is published annually as section 4 of the Annual Return which is published on the Parish Council Accounts page.