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Local Planning In The Parish

Planning decisions in Tidbury Green Parish are taken by the planning authority which is Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council.  The Parish Council is a “statutory consultee”. The Parish Council does not make planning decisions (it does not grant or refuse permission) it does however submit observations to the authority, which Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council can take into account when making a final decision.

How to Influence a planning decision

If a planning application concerns or interests you, please email the Parish Council Clerk, Charlotte Kirby at or call her on 07832 925080 to express your views.

When a planning application is received and there is sufficient time to discuss it at a monthly Parish Council Meeting, it will be discussed at that meeting and you are welcome to attend the meeting and share your views. Planning Applications where the Parish council have yet to agree a response, will appear on the agenda, with no response detail (such as No Representation or Objection etc.) shown.

However, if you wish to strongly influence the planning process you must let the planning authority know your view on

Full details of a planning application can be found on the Solihull web site on

You can search for a planning application either by entering the planning application number which will get you straight to it or by typing in the road name and the system will give you details of all applications in that road including historical ones. You can then select the one that you are interested in.

This page provides details of key development matters that effect Tidbury Green. It includes details of the current Solihull Local Plan Review, the Solihull Plan and other significant developments.

Full details of planning and development are shown on this page including historic updates and related documents are listed at the bottom of the page. The updates are in reverse chronological order, so the most recent information is shown first.

Planning And Development Related Documents

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