Please see the information below provided by SOLIHULL METROPOLITAN BOROUGH COUNCIL

(Various Roads, Solihull) (20mph Maximum Speed Limit) Order 2022

Statement of Reasons

In accordance with Department for Transport guidance, it is expected that the Council as the Local Highway Authority keeps speed limits under review with changing circumstances, gives consideration to the introduction of more 20mph limits and zones and over time in urban areas and built-up village streets that are primarily residential.

A speed limit review which focused on the locations around schools within the Borough was undertaken during 2021/22. The study identified roads adjacent to schools where the existing speed limits may be inappropriate and where a lower speed limit of 20mph would be more suitable.

Every school location within the Borough was assessed and it is expected that the programme to address lowering the speeds near to schools will run over consecutive years.

This has resulted in the above-named proposed Traffic Regulation Orders, which have the aim of achieving safe and appropriate driving speeds, preserving or improving the amenities of the area through which the roads run and to avoid the danger to persons or other traffic using the roads or any other roads, or for preventing the likelihood of any such danger arising.

The proposal to amend the speed limits on these roads was approved at the Cabinet Member for Environment & Highways Decision Session on 12 July 2022.

The proposal includes the following:-

Salter Street, Earlswood – from a point approx. 80m south of its junction with Vicarage Road, southwards for approx. 310m – Proposed 20mph Maximum Speed Limit – Part Time (School Arrival and Departure Times).

Further details can be found on the attached 20 MPH Maximum Speed Limits Various Roads October 2022 Proposal Notice SOR and the Salter Stree, Proposed Part Time 20mph Speed Limit Plan.

To support or object to the proposals, please write to Mr L Stevenson, Legal & Democratic Services, at the address given in the Notice of Proposals or via email to stating the reasons for the objection or otherwise by no later than 24 November 2022.