The Local Plan For Solihull

The Solihull Local Plan together with other Supplementary Planning Documents and Guidance forms the Solihull Local Development Framework (link to the documents on the Solihull Council website) . These documents are subject to review and the addition of additional Supplementary Planning Documents and Guidance.

The Solihull Local Plan, formerly referred to as the Core Strategy, sets out how and where Solihull will develop in the future. It outlines challenges facing Solihull and how they will be addressed, the vision for the future of Solihull, the strategy for achieving the vision, and policies and proposals to enable the Borough to grow and develop into the place we would like it to be. Sites for development are also identified. The Plan has been informed by extensive involvement with a wide range of stakeholders and the community. The Solihull Local Plan was adopted by the Council on 3rd December 2013. (source: Solihull Council Website, March 2016 (link to the page on the Solihull Council website))

Legal challenge

During early January 2014 a legal challenge was submitted to the High Court, by Gallagher Estates (Lowbrook Farm) and LionCourt Homes (Tidbury Green Farm).

The judgement to the High Court appeal, was made public on the 1st May 2014. The appeal succeeded on 2 of the 3 grounds raised against Solihull MBC, which relate the housing need figures used in developing the plan and its method used to assess revisions to the green belt boundary (Lowbrook Farm and Tidbury Green farm)

This meant that SMBC had to reconsider its housing needs and the method it used to assess revisions to the greenbelt boundary.

SMBC commenced a process, in conjunction with district neighbours to assess future housing needs. It became clear that in order for SMBC to meet their housing needs additional land is required. Consequently SMBC are undertaken a greenbelt review and they launched a fresh Call for Sites for landowners and interested parties to put forward land for housing and economic development.

SMBC published the Solihull Local Plan Review scope, issues and options document for consultation. The review will set out the future spatial strategy for the borough and update the policies and proposals up to 2033.

During November 2016, SMBC published their Draft Local Plan report and proposals for releasing particular sites for either housing or employment development. These were submitted to Cabinet, who approved the Draft Local Plan Consultation, which will run from 5 December 2016 to 30 January 2017.

Further details and associated documents including the Draft Local Plan Report, the consultation document, detailing how to share your views can be viewed on the SMBC Website.

As detailed on the SMBC Website the consultation period for the Solihull Draft Local Plan Report has been extended until Friday 17th February 2017.

Below you will find further detail updates, consultations, queries and contributions to the Solihull planning documents.

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