Solihull MBC – Flood update – 2 July

The update below was provided by Solihull MBC:-

Thank you to those residents who have been in touch with us since our last update. The additional photographs, videos and information that we have received have been extremely useful.

Since our last update, we have continued carrying out our investigations into the flood event and we have been looking into the various questions that many residents have raised with us so that we can provide initial answers.

Please find below an update on the specific actions that have been undertaken with regard to Norton Lane, Fulford Hall Road and Rumbush Lane:

  • We have inspected and cleansed our highway drainage assets along Norton Lane and found the system to be in good working condition. We will be looking at Fullford Hall Road this week in more detail.
  • We have made arrangements for watercourses in the area to be formally inspected. Work should commence next week and the results of the inspections will be shared with the relevant landowners, who will be asked to undertake any necessary works.
  • We have also begun commissioning some detailed flood modelling work that will make use of the various photos and videos that residents have sent to us, and help us better understand the causes of the flooding. From this work we will be able to establish what options may exist to mitigate the risk and impact of any future flood events and help inform any business cases for flood defence funding that we may submit.

We will continue to update you when we have any new information, but in the meantime, if you do need to get in touch then please email