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Have you heard of County Lines? County Lines are the phone lines that drug dealers use to sell drugs around the country. Young people can get exploited into selling drugs where they live and in towns outside their area.

Drug gangs are exploiting kids in Solihull.
The signs of child exploitation can be hard to spot as it usually happens gradually over time.

Signs a child is involved in County Lines

  • Involved in crime such as robbery, theft, burglary
  • Away from school
  • Away from home – this can be overnight or days at a time
  • Friends with a new group, often older
  • Friends driving them around
  • Carrying a knife or weapon
  • New gifts – clothes, bike, phone, trainers, money
  • Storing money or drugs
  • Always on the phone
  • Leaving home suddenly
  • Engaging in sexual activity

How do these drug gangs exploit children?
They try to gain the child’s trust by:

  • Glamourising their lifestyle
  • Giving them money, gifts, clothes, drugs, alcohol
  • Offer them somewhere to stay
  • Find out more about them so they can ‘help them out’ with a problem they might have
  • Force them to do something in return for the gifts or ‘protection’ they’ve given them

This can happen face-to-face or online.
If you are in a situation where you need help or you’re worried about someone, visit our website to find help and support.

The St Giles Trust  can help you find a path out of gang life. Support is available for all the family too.

You can give information anonymously at Crimestoppers online or call 0800 555 111.

Visit NSPCC for help and advice.