Some Parishioner’s particularly those with children currently at Tudor Grange Academy, will be aware that the Academy have proposed changes to their admission arrangements for 2024-25.

The most significant change noted is that the proposal would provide children from Hockley Heath, who attend the Primary School, priority over children from Tidbury Green. The existing policy sees Tidbury Green children receive priority, due to living in closer proximity to Tudor Grange Academy.

The Parish Council, as we are sure many parents will be, are very concerned about this proposal. From what we hear, it is becoming more and more difficult to secure school places for children. With further development planned and increased numbers of people moving to the area, we envisage that this problem will only get worse. This proposal potentially worsens the situation.

The consultation for Tudor Grange Academy’s proposed admission arrangements, runs from 1st November 2022 to 13th December 2022.

Further details of the proposed admission arrangements can be found by viewing the  Tudor Grange Academy’s Proposed Admission Arrangements

If you have any comments or views you should send them via email to ( by 5pm on 13th December 2022.  All responses should be clearly marked with ‘RESPONSE TO PROPOSED ADMISSION ARRANGEMENTS’.

We also recommend that you copy your responses to the Parish Council ( and your 3 Borough Councillor’s (Contact details below)

Councillor James Butler – Email:

Councillor Ken Hawkins – Email:

Councillor Richard Holt – Email: